Bandmate Chromatic Tuner Pro

The original Bandmate Chromatic Tuner you already love, and three new modes for teachers and advanced students:
  • Traditional Tuner
  • Transposing Pitch
  • Simple Pitch Generator
Download on your mobile device for $3.99.

Traditional Tuner

Sometimes you just need a Traditional Tuner. With plenty of custom settings and a clear display, this mode allows you to tune any instrument quickly.

Custom settings include A=440 calibration, microphone sensitivity, options for "you are flat / sharp" text, and 20 fun emoji that appear when you are in tune.

Needle is very accurate and easy to read at any distance.

Cents meter tells you exactly how sharp or flat you are.

Help text tells you how to adjust your instrument to get in tune.

Transposing Pitch Tuner

Bandmate Pro has the only pitch generator that transposes for your instrument. Now a pitch generator can be used to teach music literacy and ear training for any instrument.

Select your instrument from the drop-down menu.

Select the written note for the pitch you want to hear.

Hear the pitch, transposed according to the instrument you selected.

A=440 calibration can be changed in the Settings Menu.

Simple Pitch Generator

Sometimes you just need a tuning note. You need it fast, and you don’t want to deal with instrument selection or transposition. Bandmate Pro can do that, too. Just change to Simple Pitch Generator in the Settings Menu.

Choose the clef that you want to use.

Select the note on the staff that you want to hear.

A=440 calibration can be changed in the Settings Menu.

Works with headphones or external speakers.

Bandmate Tuner

Bandmate Pro includes the original Bandmate Tuner that you already love. It is the only chromatic tuner that displays your note on a music staff.

See the real written notation for the note you sing or play

Pitches are transposed for the instrument you select

Choose to show the flat or sharp version of enharmonic notes

Tune up with an easy-to-read chromatic tuner

Supported Instruments

Alto Saxophone
Baritone (Bass Clef)
Baritone (Treble Clef)
Baritone Saxophone
Bass Clarinet
Cello (Bass Clef)
French Horn

Tenor Saxophone
Voice (Bass Clef)
Voice (Treble Clef)

About our team

We're music educators and technology experts.

Justin Dickson

Lead Designer
Band Director, G.C. Hawley Middle School, Creedmoor, NC

Adam McKee

Technical Director
Cary, NC